Yale Young Global Scholars is a highly selective leadership program bringing talented, driven high school sophomores and juniors together for a two week program consisting of lectures and seminars led by Yale faculty members while experiencing the world class facilities and resources Yale has to offer. Students from around the globe represent 142 countries and all 52 states. Sessions are divided into programs for Applied Science & Engineering (ASE), International Affairs (IAS), Frontiers of Science & Technology (FST), Sustainable Development & Social Entrepreneurship (SDSE), Biological & Biomedical Science (BBS), Politics, Law, & Economics (PLE), and Asia in the 21st Century. Working together through real world simulations students also come together in smaller groups to focus on a culminating Capstone projects.

This program hones student’s ability to think critically to contemporary global issues.



As a 2017 Yale Young Global Scholar Alumni of Politics, Law, & Economics, I had the privilege of studying alongside international students developing a deeper understanding of American legal principles, economic ideas, and values and practices. We studied multiple case laws analyzing historical application to contemporary issues facing our society today. As an overarching Capstone Project I on Ethics & Globalization, my group studied democratic freedoms as applied to Chinese internet access restrictions and the underlying effects it has on globalization. We grappled with the question as to when the U.S. does and does not have the right to involve itself in foreign affairs. Human rights and diplomacy often conflict and knowing which overpowers the others is a challenging question we attempted to answer. This research was the most influential to my interests in political science to date as it offers a real life application of respecting and understanding other cultures, both through textbook studies as well as through interacting with people from the very nations and societies we speak of each day. It is this understanding of the American duty to expand human freedoms while maintaining respect for cultural diversity that is made so clear in being a part of this program where intellectual and individual liberties thrive.

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